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Thread: New Lutron Connect App not showing On / Off status

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterC View Post
    MisterC is very happy. The green light has returned!

    Thank you Lutron RadioRA 2 devs!
    Uh, I was clearly tired, and I was clearly delusional, and clearly using the wrong app. Green On indicators are still MIA, and I am no longer happy. :-(

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    Yes I deleted the connect app and went back to Home +. Not having visual confirmation of a light being on/off was a problem. And since I use vacancy sensors, the entire database had to be downloaded everytime in 10.0. The other issue was the Honeywell T Stats. I have 3 in addtion to the Lutron T stat. The Lutron Connect App discovered all 3 after i inputted the login for Honeywell. Only problem is they all say Thermostat and can't tell which is which. The Honeywell app has the location specified after set up on their portal. But the location name disappears with Lutron. In all fairness same thing happens with Amazon Echo.

    But I am not worried as this is new and there will always be issues and bug fixes with new. Lutron has the resources to get it right. So I will wait till 11.0 is out and try it again.

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    FYI: 10.1 fixes the database download nightmare.

    One thing that would nice in the Home Connect app - the geofence light reminder is nice. But its a pain to figure out WHICH lights are on! How about an active list of These Lights Are Still On, so you can turn them off selectively and quickly, and even a single button that does just all of them.

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