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Thread: Commerical electricVEL12053120HDA-3 on DVCL-153PR-WH flickering

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    Commerical electricVEL12053120HDA-3 on DVCL-153PR-WH flickering

    Hello we have a maximum of 2 of the cemmerical electric 4inch LED downlights (on compatible halo cans) being controlled by the DIV dimmer listed above, a total of 7 lights, and 4 dimmers, all in the master bathroom. In a completel random manner, there is repetative flasshing that occurs at different light at different time, throughout the room. Sometimes its one pait, other times it the other pair. i tried dimming, not dimming, letting lights completely turn off then on again, and sometimes they all owrk, other times they flash and i have to keep turning them on and off. Please help!

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    Hello patty94574, We are sorry about the performance you are seeing. It sounds like we may be dealing with an LED compatibility issue. In order to determine if we have a fix, we would need you to answer the following questions.

    1. What is the exact model number of the LEDs?

    2. Are these single pole, or 3-way circuits?

    3. There is a code that begins with a "T" stamped in the lower left of the metal yoke on the dimmer. Would you be able to tell me what that code is?

    4. Does it seem that one dimmer is having an effect on the LEDs from another circuit?

    With these questions answered, we should be able to determine what the issue is.

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