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Thread: Disable Raise from Off

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    Disable Raise from Off

    Is their a way to prevent a light that is off from being raised? I believe this is available with Homeworks QS.

    Use case is:

    Scene button to set the lighting in the room (Certain lights on and certain lights off). When raising/lowering the scene (from last scene), do not want to raise lights that were intentionally programmed off.

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    That is a good suggestion. I can see it being useful in many scenarios.

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    An easy solution would be to program the raise and lower buttons to raise/lower programmed devices. Only downside is this won't be affected by the last button pressed, it will only raise and lower the programmed devices. I will forward the feedback to our Software Development Team to look into as a future feature.

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    Understood. I was really hoping this was something easy to do/already existing in RadioRA2 considering its in HomeworksQS and this feature isn't really "conditional logic" which is key differentiator between the two.

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