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Thread: Tap the button on your Connect Bridge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukeetal View Post
    Does the home+ app work?
    That is correct. Everything works - but adding the bridge to the Connect app.

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    Try using a 3rd email account

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    If you try using Fing Network Scanner, can you see the bridge on the network? The manufacturer will be Texas Instruments. If you can see it on the network, then I would suggest sending us a Support File from the Connect app so we can look into the log files. To send a support file go to the Welcome screen in the Connect app and clink the small "i" button at the very bottom (iOS and Android) and then choose "Email Feedback".

    If you cannot see the Connect Bridge in Fing then there still may be a security setting on the wireless network that is preventing us from seeing the Connect Bridge.

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    It "sees" it alright. It can find it and fails at a later stage. It even works with another email as Lukeetal suggested above. I'll check that "i" button and will try report it...

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    I had the exact same issue as veeeh describes above. Here is the explanation and fix: when you open the Lutron Connect app once the Connect bridge is in-network and powered up, the app asks you to either log in or add a new home. If you log in using credentials that are the same for Caseta, it will not work. Therefore, you must add a new home and create a new account with a new email address that is not the same as the one you use for Caseta systems. This will solve your problem.

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