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Thread: Troubleshoot Replacing old 3-way dimmer new Lutron LED dimmer

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    Question Troubleshoot Replacing old 3-way dimmer new Lutron LED dimmer

    I would like to replace an old 3-way dimmer with a new Lutron LED dimmer, DVCL-153PR. I followed installation instructions for the new dimmer provided by Lutron. I can turn the LED lights on, off and dim. However, I cannot get the the other location rocker switch to work. The old dimmer switch has 3 wires - black (hot), yellow and red. The house electrical box has 5 wires - 2 black, red, ground and white. The old wire hook-up was - black (hot) to black, yellow to red, red to black.

    The wire connection with the new DVCL-153PR to the electrical box is - black to black (hot), red to black, red/white to red. This hookup worked to turn the LED lights on/off and dim. However, the other switch did not work.

    To minimize the inconvenience of only the dimmer working, I switched back to the old dimmer so that both switches work again.

    Switching the red and red/white wire from the Lutron Diva switch did not help.

    I'd like to use the new dimmer so would appreciate a few suggestions.


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    You should have a single black conductor and a black and red from a 3-wire (whites are connected to neutral).

    If the single black has power connect it to the dimmer black. Connect the other two in any combination.

    If the single black has no power (wire going up to the light), connect it to the solid red. Connect the other two in any combination.

    My concern is the yellow wire on the original dimmer. Depending on the manufacturer and model number, this could indicate a reverse phase/ELV dimmer. If so, the CL dimmer may not be appropriate.
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