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Thread: Buzzing Problem with Halo LED and Lutron Dimmers

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    Buzzing Problem with Halo LED and Lutron Dimmers


    I have an issue with some recent recessed lighting I purchased. I saw on a similar post of an individual having the same exact problem as myself. I currently have a Lutron TGCL-153PH-LA Dimmer in my kitchen along with (5) Halo Bright White RL560WH6835R . Currently, I am experiencing a buzzing noise when the lights are turned on. It is very faint, but noticeable(and annoying) when quiet. I have been conducting a lot of research online and simply cannot find a solution for this. I have the same setup with 1 light and 1 dimmer, and the buzzing continues.

    I'd like a bright white option for a recessed lighting, and am wondering if anyone from Lutron can help me figure this out. I have 6 inch Can lights installed, and am trying to find a compatible light fixture to stop the buzzing noise. I was going to purchase some Slyvania
    70420 to try and see if it works, but I did not see them on the compatibility matrix. My question is, I don't see many bright white options on the dimmer's matrix. Is there an issue with dimming bright white lights? Please let me know, as I'm trying to find a solution that is effective, as well as fiscally responsible.

    Thanks for any time provided!


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    We've seen this occasionally. The Halo RL fixture used to have an ELV recommendation on the Halo spec sheet. Halo has changed that driver many times since then, but we have had success using the DVELV300/303PWH to dim these fixtures. I believe it is the neutral wire which is giving us the better performance. The toggler/skylark/diva dimmers in the C*L family do not have this neutral wire.
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    Instead of a new dimmer, that is 75$ as opposed to 20$, is there any light fixtures that have been proven to not have the buzzing problem? I'd rather spend more money on LED's than anything else.

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    Hello MTAMMO, The best way to find an LED that will not buzz, would be to use our LED product selection tool at

    1. Under Fixture/Lamp Type, Select “Downlight”
    2. Under Lutron Control, Select the “Ariadni/Toggler C.L dimmer (150W C.L)”
    3. You do not need to make any other selections, but you can select a preferred manufacturer to get a smaller list
    4. Click on the orange Search button
    5. The page will refresh, Scroll down
    6. A table will appear with a list of all the LED lights we have tested for your product
    7. In the third column of each row, there is a PDF link to a report card on each LED fixture

    Selecting and interpreting the report card:
    1. If you would like to view the report card of a bulb, click on the orange PDF link in the third column of the table, under the Product Name heading.
    2. A new window will open, this is the Lutron Product Report Card.
    3. In the heading, you will see information about the bulb, including make and model number.
    4. Below this you will see a table. Buzzing results may be listed in the right hand column under “Comments”

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