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Thread: Diva and Feit and AFCI

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    Diva and Feit and AFCI

    Just got this past on to me to find answers. I have not been involved on site with this particular house.
    Short of it:
    Had DVCL153 installed in multiple locations with Feit LEDR56/830.
    Eaton BRCAF115 AFCI's tripping all over the house within 10-15 seconds.
    Replaced with ELV and all work. Diff of $45 per dimmer lost.
    Tech says some hallway string didn't trip but 13 out of 20 or so dimmers replaced with ELV.
    He found if he had 3 cans it was ok but add in a 4th and tripping starts.
    He tried all dimmers. LV, DV600, DV1000, DVCL,

    And ideas great appreciated.


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    More specifically Diva cl253p

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    Good afternoon MitchE,

    The DVCL-153P, DVLV-600P, DV-600P, DV-1000P are know as forward phase dimmers. Any forward phase dimming control (incandescent or LED) couldresult in a feedback experience with sensitive AFCI breakers due tothe way that dimming signal works. The way a dimmer dims is by turning thelights on and off 120 times a second. Based upon the on time of the signal youwill either get brighter or dimmer light. Less on time = dimmer light becausethe lights are not running as long each cycle.

    During this rapid cycling with a forward phase control, there isa spike present before the dimmer turns on each time; we call this repetitivepeak. When controlling incandescent or halogen bulbs younormally will never experience misbehaviors because these bulbs are resistivein nature and act like a filter for the line, suppressing the repetitive peak.On the other hand, LEDs are capacitive and can greatly increase this repetitivepeak, with can result in causing an AFCI to trip. However, sincereverse phase or ELV controls dimming signals are completely opposite thanforward phase signals and do not produce repetitive peaks it will greatly reduce if not completelyeliminate false tripping of the breaker as long as the LED is compatible with reverse phase controls. This is the reason why the after installing the ELV dimming controls the tripping of the breaker has stopped.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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