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Thread: Thanks to Tech Support

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    Thanks to Tech Support

    for remoting in today and figuring out my mystery loads were turning on and off on my project.

    It seems after a factory reset (third time must be the charm), and deleting the keypad programming and reprogramming, the system is working the way it should. Not sure why somewhere in the various software revisions things got corrupt, but it's working now, and my customer can turn off the lights after trying to sleep with the master bed lights on all last night.

    Thanks again!

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    I have several systems that have seen many many revisions to both programming and OS. I don't think they are buggy, but I would be interested to know if there is a 'factory reset' I could perform before an OS update or any other transfer. I have one large system running 5.0.3 simply because firmware updates on that job always take hours with occasional failures. Is this a terminal-screen command or something only Lutron Tech Support can do by logging in?

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    Due to the many issues you are experiencing with transfers and OS upgrades, we would like you to send the below information to our email for further analysis to help determine the cause of the issues.

    - Connect the free Ethernet port on the processor directly to your computer.
    - Go to "tools->Terminal" and send the command "#repeatermode, enable"
    - Open wireshark and connect it to the NIC card in your computer that is connected to the processor
    - If you do not have the wireshark program, it can be downloaded for free. Search "wireshark" on google and click on "download"
    - Press "Start" to start the capture on the program.
    - Perform a transfer to the system
    - After the transfer, save the capture and send it to us for analysis
    - Log in to the processor in terminal again and send the command "#repeatermode, disable"
    - We would also want to see a support file to go along with the wireshark capture while connected to the processor after performing this testing. After saving the capture, please press on "help->support->create support file"

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