When you set a Favorite it presents two lines of text underneath it. These get pretty heavily truncated and can often end up with an unclear indicator of what the Favorite icon controls.

For example, you have an area called "Living Room". In which you have several dimmers with names like "Living Room Endtable", "Living Room Recessed Lights", "Living Room Path", etc. When you choose them as favorites they all end up with the same text underneath them, both lines showing "Living Ro..." Not exactly helpful...

The problem here they're being dynamically populated from the project data. Which has it's own requirements of unique names.

The idea solution here would to allow for setting a short name for the favorites. Ideally in the PC software, as that would avoid having to set them manually in each app installation. Barring that change, it would be very helpful to allow editing the Favorite names in the app itself. The downside there would be the short name wouldn't be shared across multiple installations of the app. Storing them in the Xively cloud would be a work-around, I suppose.

Either way, better names for Favorites would be helpful.