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Thread: Problem with dimmer

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    Problem with dimmer

    Hey everyone, new user, first time post here. I tried the search function on this one (both on this site and google), but it was not my friend...

    I recently installed a new bank of controllers, and started using RA2 for the first time. The bank has 3 dimmers and a switch, all in a movie room. All of the controllers work with the lighting circuits they're installed for, the problem didn't pop up 'til I was connecting them to the main repeater and Activating them thru the software.

    2 dimmers and the switch worked without a hitch, but he last one is giving me problems. I've Activated all 4 in the software, and it seems that they all work. I even have them all in the app on my iPhone, but one circuit is no longer working.

    The last circuit is a run of 4" cans, connected to a 6NA dimmer. When I go through the activation steps, it seems to work, and shows up as activated. The problem I have is that after Activation is complete, the dimmer runs the light all the way up, then down. Then the LEDs on the dimmer blink rapidly, and the dimmer is unresponsive. If I try to turn the lights back on, it doesn't work. If I try to control that dimmer from the iPhone app, it doesn't respond. On a whim I reset it back to factory default, Deactivated it in the software, and the dimmer worked again. I re-activated it, and the same problem occurred.

    Can someone point me to the blink codes, or give me an idea of what could be the problem? Thanks!

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    Are three of the lower LEDs on the readout still lit up? Try pulling the FASS/gap switch at the bottom of the dimmer and pushing it back in to "reset" the dimmer.
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