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Thread: New app can't show a whole keypad as a Favorite?

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    New app can't show a whole keypad as a Favorite?

    While the new app has a host of great new features, why can't it show a whole keypad as a Favorite?

    It would be very convenient to be able to mirror what the customer uses 'in real life' as a Favorite. Not only individual loads or scenes. Pop-up a bubble with the H6BRL image with the buttons labeled as set in the configuration.

    You can still get to the keypads by drilling down through Areas and then to the desired room. You didn't have to do this in Home+

    With the Home+ app you had the ability to show a Favorite keypad on the Home Glance screen, along with the timeclock mode and favorite adjustments.

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    Thank you for providing your feedback. We have forward your suggestion to our App Development Team so they can look in to adding this as a future feature.

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