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Thread: Dead GRX 3106 Grafik eye

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    Dead GRX 3106 Grafik eye

    One of our customers moved into a house that is full of the old Grafik Eyes. Bar, kitchen, living room, etc. etc. etc. and each one has 2 keypads connected. To make things more complicated, it also has an original radio-ra system (where the FAS switch goes left to right) linked to the Grafik eyes via the GRX accessory link. I should mention I HATE HATE GRAFIK EYES, even the new ones.

    Anyhoo, last week, one of these 6 zone grafik eyes died. It was a weird thing because the LED's on the grafik eye still worked as did the keypads, ie. you'd hit a button on a remote keypad and the corresponding button push would also show up on the grafik eye, but the lights would not come on. There was power however in the box and manually connecting the switch legs to the hot would turn the lights on and there were no shorts, so in my opinion it was dead. I went to disconnect it and for a second all the lights came on, but then it died again so in my now expert opinion, the unit seems to have a screw loose.

    For now, I put good old fashion switches there so the customer can have lights, but I am curious what can be done here.

    Is the Grafik Eye (which is at least 10 years old) really done for? There is no secret fuse or something there?

    Is there any compatiblity between the old GRX grafik eyes and the new QS ones? In other words, at some point the customer will need to upgrade to either Homeworks QS or Radio RA2 and for one room, they'd kill me if I said "Hey you guys, this repair for 6 lights is going to cost you $20,000" but if they are going to spend $1000 on fixing those lights, at least it'd be nice if the repair could go towards a newer system.

    also, the keypads appear to be only connected to that one Grafik Eye (I think) so it doesn't seem like they were all linked together.

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    Can you get the part number off the front of the GE unit? It could be a GRX3106 which can be replaced still, you would just need to reprogram the unit. It may be linked to other units as well, which would complicate the programming but is still do-able. If the unit is a GraphikRA unit designed to work with RR Classic, then I would contact Lutron and the obsolete parts division to see if this can still be made for you.

    Tech support would be best to chime in and let us know if the GRX3106 can communicate with the new QSGEs, but I think they cannot.
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    Hello SparkyCoog, Sorry for the issue you and your customer are experiencing. You mentioned after this issue the LEDís on the unit still functioned. Are you referring to both the zone LEDís and the scene LEDís? When you press a scene button directly on the front of the unit, does the LED light up next to that scene button regardless of which scene you press? Do all the zone LEDís go to the correct levels for each of these scenes? If this is the case than it does seem that the unit might have failed. I assume you did try to power cycle the unit?

    The direct replacement for the GRX-3106 is GRX-3506. Even the GRX-3506 is not going to compatible with HWQS or Ra2 however but is still available if they choose to replace this unit without upgrading. Please confirm the model # because as mentioned above, if this is a Grafik RA unit and not a GRX-3106 a GRX-3506 will not be the direct replacement.

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