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Thread: End user temperature edits on scene buttons

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    End user temperature edits on scene buttons

    We are installing a job with a home scene for customer with the Lutron Honeywell T-Stat that sets the temperature and lights. He wants the house 72 degrees in heating (winter) and 72 degrees in cooling (summer). The software requires a 3 degree spread between temperatures. The work around I came up with is virtual buttons to set all t-stats to either 72 heat or 72 cool. It works but adds extra steps. If the app allowed changes to the temperature settings on a scene I could remotely just make a seasonal adjustment without a site visit.

    I know I could also just use the schedules but that requires adjusting the schedules on 11 Stats. Adding temperature edit options would be much easier for the end user.

    He doesn't want scheduled temperature changes and doesn't care about possible energy savings as the house is largely vacant and set to away except for a few weeks a year. When he is there he wants it a perfect 72 with one button press. He already has to disable away mode so I would love to avoid the extra steps and buttons for 72 heating or 72 cooling.

    Suggestions or app updates please.

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    To achieve the programming you are looking for, you would want to use Homeworks QS. Then you could have schedules change based on the date. Without upgrading the system, you could set a VPN connection to the home and then connect to the system through the year and make the needed changes before the homeowner arrives.

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