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Thread: Connect app startup speed?

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    Connect app startup speed?

    Is there effort being made to decrease the load time the app needs? It's painfully slow, upwards of 20 seconds if it hasn't been used in a while. But even when switching back from another app there's a delay of several seconds.

    This on a current generation Samsung Galaxy S7, with 5ghz wifi and LTE.

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    We are always striving to improve our Customer Experience, thank you for providing your feedback. I will forward this to our App Support Team so they can focus on improving this topic.

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    Hopefully this gets address soon. With the 10.0 release, my iPad 2 Air's Home Control + now frequently has to update the areas, taking about 10-20 seconds before the app is ready. In 9.3 of the firmware, once loaded, startup was very fast, always.

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