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Thread: All Off + Away Mode - Single button?

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    All Off + Away Mode - Single button?

    Have a site where the lights adjust automatically throughout the day based on the time clock.

    When the owner is not home, they do not want the lights turning on automatically to save energy. Right now, they have to push two buttons when leaving 'All Off' and 'Away' (disables automatic mode). Ideally this could be combined into a single button called 'Goodbye'.

    Is there any way to combine this into a single key press so they do not have to push two buttons when leaving?

    Thought about using an occupancy sensor to keep away mode enabled when there is no activity in the home, but that doesn't seem possible either.

    Thanks for any suggestions

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    Currently there is no way to have 1 button control everything that you are looking for. You could try using an occupancy sensor, and have that only be enabled during certain hours of the day using timeclock events. Using this method you could have the occupancy sensor be enabled at different times of the day based on how the timeclocks are programmed. You would also need to make sure that the timeclock ran in both Normal and Away modes to make sure that the sensor gets enabled no matter what mode the system is in.

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