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Thread: Rollback and occupancy sensors?

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    Rollback and occupancy sensors?

    What're the implications of using rollback in an area that also has an occupancy sensor?

    There's a few locations that are continuing to be a little problematic in finding the most effective coverage angles for the occupancy sensors. That's a problem worth solving on it's own. But I wasn't clear on the implications of activating rollback for an area that might also have a sensor.

    Is the logic such that motion detected by the sensor would 'reset' the countdown for the rollback?

    Or, to ask it another way, what specifically controls how the rollback counter is set?

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    If you have a load that is being controlled by rollback and an occupancy sensor, rollback will turn the light off at the programmed time. If the rollback time is less than the timeout on the sensor then the sensor will not turn the lights back on until it has timed out.

    I tested this by having rollback turn a light off 4 minutes after being turned on, and the timeout on my sensor set to 5 minutes. I turned the lights on from the sensor and then placed it in my drawer. After 4 minutes the lights turns off and I pulled the sensor out of the drawer and the light did not turn on.

    I did this again but waited 5 minutes for the sensor to time out and then when I pulled the sensor out of the drawer the light turned back on.

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