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Thread: Appliance module for ice maker noise?

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    Oct 2013

    Appliance module for ice maker noise?

    I've never done this, but seems reasonable.

    Any best practices? Turn off for x hours, with a button press? Turn on with a button press? I'm thinking of controlling with a discrete/hidden Pico, in a cabinet.

    Any issues for integrated pump?

    Appliance is a Scotsman Brilliance under-counter.

    Thanks for any input from anyone who has done this. I'm controlling with RA2, but thought there might be more experience with this in the QS forum.

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    Oct 2013
    Which Pico? 2B? 3B? 4B, with scenes?

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    Someone doesn't want to hear the ice cubes being dumped during off-hours? Would schedules not work for this?

    I'd think the biggest concern would be melting of whatever ice was already made.

    There's nothing in RA2 that would allow for a delayed sequence turning power on again. There isn't a way to push a Pico button and have it automatically return to powered on after a set amount of time. You could kind of get around that by just having a regularly scheduled power-on event. As in, if someone pressed the Pico the device would stay off until that scheduled event time. If the device was already powered on the event would do nothing (it's not a toggle).

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    Thanks, wkearney99.

    I was going to strictly use the Pico for off/on functionality.

    But, could the new Rollback feature be used as a timer, to turn the load back on? Designed to turn off loads, I wonder if turning on is an option after a delay.

    Yeah, scheduled would probably also work OK, though it's a pretty uncommon occurrence that we would actually need the ice maker (and integrated water pump) turned off.

    I guess I should do some testing to make sure that a bin full of ice won't cause a flood, with melting, if the ice maker is left off indefinitely. Ice maker manual doesn't say anything about doing that - pretty sure it won't be an issue, but I'm the careful type.

    Off/on only, I'm leaning toward a 2-button Pico.

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