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Thread: Occupancy Sensor doesn't work after upgrade to 10.0

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    Occupancy Sensor doesn't work after upgrade to 10.0

    I have an occupancy sensor that doesn't control my lights anymore after upgrade to 10.0 - looks fine in programming - any suggestions? Thanks,Dan

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    Dan: I would recommend calling our Technical Support line so that one of our Radio Ra2 agents can assist you in troubleshooting the occupancy sensor.

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    One thought, make an SSH terminal connection to the repeater and see if you see messages scroll by when the sensor trips.

    Fwiw, I had to power cycle my repeaters when trying to make the upgrade from 9.3 to 10. Don't do it while there's anything active (like a transfer). I pulled power, counted to 10 and powered them back up again. I have no reason to think that has anything to do with why your sensors might not be tripping, but doing so allows the repeater to reload it's settings, that might help.

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