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Thread: Failure to enter activation or transfer

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    Failure to enter activation or transfer

    We received this question from a customer, and thought others might be interested in this topic...

    When I attempt to enter activation or do a transfer if always fails. Do you know what would cause these failures?

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    RE: Failure to enter activation or transfer

    Firewall is the first culprit to check.

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    In many cases, a firewall will prevent HWQS/RA2 software from entering system activation or transfer. For information on how to turn off a windows firewall, the information can usually be quickly located on the internet.
    By using a search engine such as you can quickly locate the information with just a few keywords.
    A good example would be turn off windows firewall.
    For other items such as software or network equipment that uses firewalls, search engines are good resources to start with. Ultimately you may need need to visit the manufacturer's website or contact them directly for further assistance.

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    Ben M.
    Also a good idea is to check for any 3rd party firewalls. Even expired copies of Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, etc can leave a 3rd party antivirus firewall turned on that will block communication to the repeater.

    If ALL firewalls are turned off and communication is still an issue, wire the computer direct to the main repeater using a static IP address. Eliminating the router or switch from the equation prevents any settings or firewalls built into the network equipment from affecting the way the main repeater communicates to the computer running the RadioRA2 software.

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