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Thread: Project Layout Tips and Best practices?

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    Project Layout Tips and Best practices?

    I have been searching for information on tips and best practices for Essentials project layout and planning, but haven't found much information. Specifically I am looking for thinks like best practices for location and zone naming conventions, device and zone locations etc. i.e. the does and don't for planning and implementing a clean project design. I am especially struggling as my home is open floor plan, and the physical location of switches do not always coincide with the location of the lights. for example switch may be in the from entry and control lights outside on in the main living room. What room and zone to I put these devices in? Where the switch is or where the light is? I'm trying to build a design that mimics reality as much as possible to the non-tech users in the house will know where to find things.

    I've looked all over mylutron for training materials on this. The essential's Level 1 training jumps right into adding devices, but never talks about project layout practices. Any pointers or links to material or input would be welcome.


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    Dave, for advise on best practices and general do's and don'ts we would recommend working with your local Lutron Rep agency. They will be able to work with you and possibly even pair your with another programmer in a mentoring program.

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    dave w-
    From Experience- name the device location VERY specifically. Include non-system devices like switches and receptacles, use the blank if you want to save time. Make the software look exactly like what you are going to see in real space.

    Room names- You can be generic, but see what is on the plans. Use those names, as all other trades will as well. If the job is a retrofit- ask the homeowner what he wants to call it. Add Bedroom 1 in the design phase, then rename it to "Little Johnnie's Room". Homeowners love the custom names.

    Zone names- if you use the zone location (sounds like you are going to be), then just use simple terms like "Recessed" or "Chandelier". Long names will be truncated by the app, and the zone name appears under the location- so no need to be redundant, i.e. "Family Room Chandelier". Make a "room" in the design for each "space" you have in the open floor plan. Otherwise, you can use a single room and become more specific in your zone naming.

    My contact info is available by clicking my user name if you would like to discuss more in depth.
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    Project Layout Tips and best practices

    Seems to be an old post but helpful. Would it be possible to provide a few examples for device location names?In my scenario, I have a Maestro Dimmer in the Basement that controls a Chandelier in the Dining Room.Should I do something like this:Device Location: Furnace Room Western Wall (where the physical switch is)Zone Name: ChandelierZone Location: Dining RoomOr would you recommend the Device Location describe where the light is? The latter seems redundant to the Zone Location.

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    You are spot on with your naming. Device location- EXACTLY where you will find it when activating. The software activates by device location, so be specific. Zone Name- Chandelier is perfect. Te app will display the Zone Location and then the Zone name, so no need to use Dining Room in the Zone Name, it will be redundant and possibly cutoff some of the name as the app tries to fit it underneath the Location.
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    Multiple Structures

    Old thread but I thought this question was slightly relevant;).So I have a project with 4 separate buildings (main house, guest house, gym, and a "honeymoon" building which is just a bedroom, bathroom, and living area. All need to be part in the system. For ease of use I have been toying with the idea of using the room names for the buildings and then using device location to get to the room.So the main house which has 5 rooms the rooms would in effect be device locations. this way in the app it will be easy to get to the structure you want to be controlling. Am I overthinking this??

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    All of your devices for each house will be listed together under that "room". Depending on the amount of devices, this could be cumbersome for the app user. If you are using keypads, I would create a separate room for each house called "XBuilding Keypad" and place just the keypad and a few essential devices in this room. Also, put these keypad rooms at the top of the Room list and do not sort alphabetically. While this will be quite a bit more difficult for the programmer, you are shooting for the best end-user experience. If the user wants to control something other than what is set on the keypad scenes or deemed essential devices, then they would go on the hunt. Zone names will need to be very specific. If you program the keypads well, there should be no need to go into the other "rooms" to find a device. Means more keypads than normal, possibly.
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