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Thread: Help a newbie make sense of this please

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    Help a newbie make sense of this please

    Hi Folks,

    I'm doing a major remodel that will let me hardwire shades into my house. I'm starting the process of looking for a Lutron seller in my area but I don't want to go into this completely ignorant.

    I've got Caseta light switches throughout my house and I want to stay with something that will integrate with those.

    I would have done the Serena shades but those won't work for me as I've got two windows that are greater than 96" in width. I have a 101" and a 98" window among the windows I'm trying to cover.

    From what I can tell, I can do roller shades but not honeycomb do to the width. Are the Triathlon the right shades for me? The Sivoia QS seem to be more for commercial applications.

    Thanks for helping me figure this out!

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    The Triathlon shade can now make that distance. Go to and find the where to buy button- I think it is in the top right?? A full window shade provider should be able to handle all your concerns. They can tell you what wire to run, or do the wire themselves. Becoming a shade dealer is not an easy process, they should be quite capable of walking you through all the nuances of shade design and install.
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