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Thread: Shadow Sensor and Mullion Sensor Monitoring

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    Shadow Sensor and Mullion Sensor Monitoring

    Looking for assistance with monitoring readings on the Shadow / Mullion sensors. I have one of each set up on different elevations, linked to a QSM2-4W. They assigned correctly and all is well but I cannot recall how to get a "reading" from the sensor. I was looking for a document or app note for this but couldn't locate one on "myLutron". I'm running BETA 10.0.0. Thanks.

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    Hello troltgen,
    We do have an application note that covers the sensor programming. This can be found by logging into your myLutron account and viewing the application notes section for Homeworks QS.
    Here is a link -
    The only thing not mentioned in the application note is how to enable sensor logging. This is done under the tools menu. This may be all you are missing.

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