Hello All,

Did you know that when you submit your engraving report to Lutron's Customer Service there is a embedded file within the .pdf that is required? Well I am going to show you how to make sure that embedded file is present.

With HomeWorks QS when you open the Engraving Report you will see a button in the top right corner that says "Order Engraving" this is the easiest way to perform this process however if you cannot do this at this time and need to save the file to submit it manually instead the following steps will take you through that process.

You start by first making sure all of the engravings you want, are completed in the HomeWorks QS programming software itself. Next, You will open your Engraving Report from the reports menu at the top on the screen. Then, you are going to click the Save to PDF button.

Now that you have saved this file you could submit it however it is best if you can verify this embedded file is attached to the .pdf first. To check this follow these next steps. First, open the .pdf file you just saved, preferably using adobe reader (which is available online). Next, If you see the paperclip icon on the left side of your screen you can click it otherwise go to the View menu at the top of the screen and select Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > Attachments. When this window on the side of your screen opens you should see a file named HWQS_Export.egr, as long as this file is present you may then submit your engravings to Lutron's Customer Service by emailing them to engraving@lutron.com.

I hope this helps to describe the process.