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Thread: LEDs don't turn on for few minutes

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    LEDs don't turn on for few minutes

    I installed a PD-6WCL-WH Caseta dimmer, which does not have a neutral wire, with 8 x 13.5W Feit LED bulbs (model BPCE13PAR30). When I turn the lights full-on, it takes a few minutes before the lights actually come on. After those couple minutes, they can be turned on/off with low response time. It is only when the are "cold" that I have this problem. I tried adjusting the full brightness settings on the current dimmer to ensure they are at the highest levels, but that did not make a difference. Previously, I used a Insteon dimmer, which used a neutral wire, and turning on the lights was instant -so I am wondering why this Lutron dimmer is having trouble with this.

    Is this a problem because the dimmer I am using does not have a neutral wire? Would I get instant turn-on if I used PD-10NXD-WH, which can use a neutral wire?

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    Unfortunately, we haven't tested that specific LED bulb, so we don't know how it will react with our dimmers. We have seen instances like this with other LED bulbs when they are connected to a dimmer, sometimes up to 5 minutes of delay before they turn on. You could try a PD-10NXD instead of the PD-6WCL, but we can't guarantee how it will work with that LED until we test it ourselves.

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