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Thread: Is the Main Rep on Static or DHCP?

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    Is the Main Rep on Static or DHCP?

    I have a tech that installed a system and I'm trying to figure from the software if he put the main rep on DCHP or set a static IP. The software seems to want to connect to the Main Rep to find this or is there another way to confirm without being on site?

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    If you have a copy of the file he transferred to the system, you can check the ip address and then run the "find Main Repeater" and you can check if DHCP was enabled or disabled. You just won't really be able to find the repeater off-site.
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    RTrain: Another way to check if you do not have the Radio Ra2 project file is to log in to the web interface with the username: lutron password: lutron. Then click on DeviceIP and look for the line for DHCP. If the value is 0 then DHCP is disabled, if the value is 1, then DHCP is enabled.

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    Is it possible to change the settings of the Main Repeater to DHCP without lutron software?

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    You can telnet or serially connect to the repeater and use the protocol commands to change the network info.

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