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Thread: Internet problems

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    Internet problems

    This by no means is me saying i think this is the cause but i am curious about it.
    Ever since installing the smart bridge i started having problems with my internet.
    Dropping connection allot and 2 the point that two modems have actually been burnt out in the last few days.
    It is very possible that it has nothing to do with it as there is allot of construction on my street and there are many other variable that I am looking into as the cause.
    I have made no changes to ports or anything from stock settings. I have the smart hub plugged into a 5 port D-link switch and then into the wireless 2in1 modem provided from ISP.
    When the internet was working the Hub was operating flawlessly.
    Any Tips or info would be appreciated

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    Having the Caseta hub connected to your router won't cause any issues with your internet. It only communicates when you either use the app, or press a button on a device (dimmer/switch/Pico). Unfortunately, I don't have any tips for you. You may want to talk to your Internet Service Provider for that.

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    I was thinking the same thing.
    My isp suspects surging in the phone line is causeing the problem. They are sending a technician to check the lines.

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