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Thread: Controlling lie voltage shades?

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    Controlling lie voltage shades?

    not sure if this should be in the shade section or not.
    I got a call from a customer who has 12 year old line voltage shades. I have not seen them yet, but im guessing they are Somfy, because the switches he has are momentary toggle rockers. (up, stop, down). He wants to "automate" these shades with a timeclock.

    Without building a bunch of complicated relays, which of course I don't have room for, can anyone think of a clean way to do this?

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    If the switches that are currently installed are providing a momentary closure then they are most likely wired to a relay. If this is the case then depending on where the relays are already located what option would be available.

    Once you have visited the site please let us know if the switches are wired the relays already and if they are where the relays are located.

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    We do this all the time either with the VCRX or just a simple switch and DT relay depending on the functionality you want. I have a more detailed explanation on the AVS forum about this: this topic starts around post 458

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    You can add a RC 80 unit, I have one...I believe Makita made it... It takes line voltage, there is output for red and black wire ( raise and lower) . You wire the single pole double throw momentary switch to the contact closure side of this unit. The unit takes :ir, contact closure and rs-232. One thing you don't want is send 120vac on both red and black same time. That will cause a dead short. The lutron motor modules on the QS side have interlock feature that prevents this short.
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