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Thread: Programming PICO in Energi Savr App

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    Programming PICO in Energi Savr App


    I have a problem programming my PICO keypad for the Energi Savr Node with Ecosystem. I am working with an Ipad 3 with iOS 9.3.1, in an app Energi Savr with firmware version 5.34. To program the PICO keypad I have to associate it with the QSM (which is connected to de ESN by the lutron bus), after that I need to put the device to de programming mode. Then, I need to choose two ways of programation, the first one is Scene and the other is Legaly Zone. About Scene, I need to choose one scene for the top button of the PICO, the next scene will be set up to the preset button, and the third will be for the bottom button. So I did this but it doesn't work, the PICO always turn on all lights with the top buttom, the preset button turn them on or turn them off and the bottom one turn them off. So I need to know the reason why it is happening, I don't understand. I hope you could help me, thanks a lot.

    PD: Meanwhile, I am using Legaly zone, I read it's for devices with firmware out-of-date, and my device is.Its firmware is 5.34 and the last one is more than 6.0. I want to update the firmware but the app doesn't help me. It always says "No firmware available".

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    Hello Paulo,

    It seems that you are having an issue with the Pico programmed as a "Scene Control". If the control type is set as "Scene", this will activate the Scenes specified (i.e. Scene 1,2,3 accordingly). Once these scenes are specified, then you would have to assign the areas you would like to control scenes with this Pico remote under program control. Please be sure that the scene levels are setup to the desired levels in each particular Area. This can be done by navigating to Fine-Tune>Modify Scene>Select ESN>Select Area>Select Scene.

    The firmware of the ESN App is at 8.2.21 at this moment. This can be updated by going to the app store and making sure the App is up-to-date. If you are inquiring about updating firmware on devices in the ESN system, we would suggest calling us for further instructions. Please reach us at your convenience at 1844-588-7661.

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