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Thread: Alternative to Siri

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    Alternative to Siri

    Using Amazon Alexa combined with newly added Lutron integration works pretty well. I can control individual lights as well as grouping created in the Alexa app. Commands such as device/group name off and on work as well as device/group name xx% brightness all work. The name brightness command will also turn the device(s) on at that brightness level if they were off.

    Also found an App for IOS and Android called Roger. It has Alexa integration and I can tap to talk to Alexa and control the lighting with the same commands. There is a ~3 second delay before execution. The app creates a new Alexa device within the Alexa app and you will want to go into the new Roger device on Alexa App and set the zip code to your zip code.

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    I read that there' re 3 ways to include voice assistant in an app - The first method involves integrating existing voice technologies into your application by means of special APIs and other development tools.
    The second method allows you to build an intelligent assistant with the help of open source services and APIs.
    The third method stands for the development of a voice assistant from scratch with its further integration into your application. (according article How to Create Virtual Assistant Apps like Siri and Google Assistant)

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    Good article.
    Virtual assistant are one of the most innovative and interesting newborn technologies., which have been developed in the community of programmers throughout the last seven years. However, the programmers and developers do not usually have enough skills for the designing of such extensions. Read also: Develop your own voice assistant app with open-source platforms

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    Alexa will go down soon. 2018 - is gonna be a voice search year.

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