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Thread: Will Caseta Plug-In Lamp Dimmer work with floor lamp with integrated CREE XP-G LED?

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    Will Caseta Plug-In Lamp Dimmer work with floor lamp with integrated CREE XP-G LED?

    I'm looking to buy a Holtkotter 2560/LED floor lamp and need to know if it will work with the Caseta Plug-In Dimmer. The floor lamp has 24 integrated CREE XP-G LED modules so it isn't a removeable LED bulb that would be on the supported bulb list. Any idea if it would work?
    The maximum voltage is 42W which is below the maximum for the plug-in dimmer but I'm not sure if the built in lamps P1 dimmer mechanism would interfere. FYI - here is the lamp

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    I think you will have poblems useing it as a dimmer control. The problem is your light has a led driver that is controlled by its own built in dimmer.
    I think you would have to turn it into a controlled switch and have the light pre-set at the level you want it at.

    I am not positive but thats my take on it.

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    Looking over the specs on that link, that fixture has its own dimmer in it. You can't put a dimmer on a dimmer. If the lights even came on, they would flicker. The best you could do would be to put it on a switch, such as the Caseta PD-6ANS neutral wired switch.

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    You could also convert the plug-in lamp dimmer to a switch by pressing and holding the on and off button on the dimmer for ~6 seconds.

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