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Thread: Cannot connect to bridge

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    Cannot connect to bridge

    Hey guys. I shut the power down today to throw some more switches in. After I restored the power, I cannot connect to the bridge. I tried power-cycling the bridge again, logging out and then back in but nothing is working. Any thoughts?

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    In case someone else runs into the same problem, support had to disassociate my email address with my account on their end. We worked for several hours trying to correct it. Back and forth with Lutron and Brighthouse Cable. Once they removed my email from my account I was able to log in and acces my bridge.

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    Lutron Technical Support
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    Were you running the most recent version of the app, or did you have to update the app?

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    I was running the most recent version. Once support dissociated my email it worked fine. Maybe a coincidence but the gentleman I spoke to said he had tried it for someone else with good results.

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