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Thread: Setting shades to a specific level?

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    Setting shades to a specific level?

    HWQS with QS wired shades project.

    I thought for sure there was a way to send a shade to a specific shade level.

    I've done this a hundred times in Illumination with QED shades.

    In QS, all I see is "send to preset 1/2/3/4" That really wont work for any of our programming models. Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance.

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    Under program tab choose shade presets then choose the shade you want to edit the presets for.Then click on the preset edit name the preset to the level you set it too . Then just assign that preset to the button you want to drive it You can make the presets any level you want. I just name the preset to the shade level for conveince

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    OK, thanks.
    Sure would be simpler if you just could out 50% in the level line, like a dimmed load.

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