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Thread: Switches and wiring options

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    Switches and wiring options

    Thank you for this community as it has helped me learn a great deal as well as supporting documentation. With that in mind I have started my Caseta setup in my home. So far I have the Bridge Pro along with several different switches. Before I bought anything, I went throughout my home and did an inventory of what it would take to get most of it on Caseta.

    With that in mind, I have a couple of questions that reading other threads and documentation just did not make quite clear to me. First, between the PD-5WS-DV and the PD-6ANS are they both capable of three-way switching with a mechanical three way switch? The answer I seem to have come up with is yes based upon all I have read but I would appreciate confirmation. In addition, is it possible to have one of these Caseta switches and two mechanicals as a 4 way setup? I ask because I have a long angular hallway that has three different switches controlling the lights. My plan was to put in one Caseta switch and 2 PICO's but if I can do it with 2 mechanicals I would. Could I do one mechanical and one PICO with the switch? Just trying to learn all my options as I want to keep that device count under control.

    With regard to the Caseta dimmers of PD-10NXD and the PD-6WCL, only the 10NXD is capable of three way switching correct? If that is correct, I pose the same question for this dimmer that I did with the switches above. I have a large room with three different entry points and a light switch at each location. My plan was to put the 10NXD at one and then 2 PICO's at the other two but can it support a 4-way with 2 mechanicals or as above maybe one PICO and one mechanical?

    Also, in Siri Integration in Zones, I try to set up a group of rooms and all I am able to do is name the Zone but not add any rooms as nowhere does it give me the option. What am I missing as so far I have three rooms set up with Caseta switches in them?

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    Both the PD-5WS-DV and the PD-6ANS are capable of 3-way switching with one 3-way mechanical switch. They won't work with more than one for 4-way setups. If you want to have a 4-way setup, you would have to use Pico remotes for the 2 additional locations. Technically, you could do it with one Pico and one mechanical switch. You would have to put the Pico in the 4-way switch location.

    For the PD-10NXD, it's the same way as I stated with the switches above.

    For Siri Integration, make sure that you only have a lighting load in one room. Don't put a load in multiple rooms. If that doesn't work, try deleting the rooms and recreating them.

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    I figured out what I did wrong on Siri integration and setup in general. I was naming the light switch the name of the room. So what I did was gave the lights the name like Living Recessed in the Living Room. Is this what most use for naming or does someone have a suggestion for what they use?

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