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Thread: QS LINK capacity with DALI modules

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    QS LINK capacity with DALI modules

    In the 512 zones limit of the QS link, for the DALI modules connected do i have to consider the zones (max 32) or the ballasts (max 128) ?
    i thought it was the zones, also because the Lutron Designer software in the link assignment tab is keeping count of them, but now in a project i am doing the zones count for a link is at 138/512 but it won't allow me to add any more DALI modules, and if i count myself the loads for every DALI moduels i already have in the link i am close to 512.
    So why the software is keeping track of the zones if then what counts are the loads?


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    You will need to consider the zone count. (max 32) For example if you assign 4 loads to 1 zone you could max out the zone and load capacity of the DALI module. The link assignment will see it as 64 zones. You can show the Zone # by going to customize columns link on the loads screen. This allows you to group multiple loads as a single lighting zone.

    I am unsure what you mean by the software won't allow you to add more DALI modules. Did you perhaps hit the QS link device limit and cannot link assign another DALI module?

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    I understand what you say,
    please see the image attached. I have 4 DALI modules fully loaded (512 loads total) but grouped in 23 zones total, as indicated also by the software, but if i try to add to the link a 5th module with just 1 load/zone assigned to it, the software won't allow me, basically switching from a zone limit to an unexpected load limit situation. Am i missing something?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I got in touch with a Lutron representative and he confirms that the 512 limit on the QS link it's valid for both zones and switch-legs (i.e. individual ballasts) whichever one hits first the 512 on the QS link determines its filling.

    Hope i shared some usefull info for you too guys

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