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Thread: LED application - is there a driver for?

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    LED application - is there a driver for?

    Have a six zone cove light that are using these LED strips:

    On their own, the wattage output is not substantial, however, they are using about 192 linear feet total, with about 100 watts for every zone. The Lutron HI-LUME A series drivers LTEA41UKL-AV120 driver we are using for each of the six zones, (six drivers in total) with the adaptive RRD-6NA dimmers do not have enough rating @48 watts to handle each zone.

    Is there any product that we could use? I don't mind combining the six zones if there is a way, but basically looking for a high wattage, LED rated dimmable driver that will allow connection of six leads and control with a Lutron RadioRa2 dimmer or dimmers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello totalcontrol, unfortunately in a 12V constant voltage driver the highest rating we have is 40W. We do have a 24V constant voltage driver that can do up to 96W. You can view information on that driver at the following link.

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