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Thread: MoreRA2 LED issues - with Lutron LED driver

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    MoreRA2 LED issues - with Lutron LED driver

    Hello, I want to report an issue we are having that has caused some significant problems on a project and we are unsure what to do next.

    Here is the setup:

    We are using the recommended (6) LTEA4U1UKL-AV120 drivers each connecting to its own RRD-6NA RadioRa2 adaptive dimmer, also six in total to control (6) zones of LED strip lights.

    The strip lights we are using are from (Model NFLS-A300X3-WHT-LC2) and using 192 linear feet comprising six even zones of lighting:

    Exact model and specifications of LED strip lights is as follows:

    I have attached a picture of the driver/dimmer configuration.

    Here is a description of the issues:

    - When any given lighting zone is off and one turns on at a high level (anywhere from 80% to 100%) the lights turn on, then quickly turn off, then after a few seconds turn on again.
    - When transitioning from one preset level to another (using the Lutron app) the lights act “strange”. The symptom above sometimes occurs, or the light will go into a flickering mode that can only be stopped by sending it to another level or shutting off.
    - Strange delays sometimes accompany the off and on and preset levels.

    We called Lutron support and although the area we reached was more proficient at LEDs vs. RadioRA2, they consulted with other staff who were more familiar. They told me to take the RRD-6NA adaptive dimmers out of “auto-sense” and put them in forward phase. I tried that and it seemed to calm things down a little, but the same issues existed.

    Before I left, I changed the client’s “BRIGHT” scene (on a “fake” keypad we set up in RA2 so it would appear in the app) to 80% instead of 95%. That kind of fixed the issue of the zone turning on, then turning off then turning on again and really calmed things down. I woudlnt say it fixed things, but avoding the higher level of dimming seemed to help a lot. That is where I left things and am desperate for a solution. The Lutron support contact said that trimming should not be needed given I was using the Lutron driver and the appropriate dimmer.

    Hoping you can make a recommendation or lead me to the approiate line of action to fix this issue. Thank you, greatly appreciated.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You said 192 ft of tape light evenly across 6 Lutron drivers. So 32 ft per driver? Isn't the driver rated 40W?
    i don't think the tape light is going to be less than 2 W/ft?

    Sounds to me like the driver is going into repetitive thermal foldback due to overload?

    or are you saying you have 36 drivers in total (6 per dimmer).

    maybe a short or high resistance kink in the tape causing excessive power draw?

    do the usual troubleshooting process of isolating and swapping devices to see if problems follow the tape or driver or dimmer...

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