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Thread: Homeworks QS Conditional Help - Example Program Included

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    Homeworks QS Conditional Help - Example Program Included

    Client has 9 misting zones. Each misting zone requires that it be on and zone 10 be on.

    So for example if i want Zone 1 ON i have to turn load Zone 1 and Zone 10 ON. If i want Zone 7 ON i have to turn on Zone 7 and Zone 10.

    If i want to turn Zone 1 OFF i have to turn off load Zone 1 and Zone 10.

    The first issue i ran into is that if someone turns on Misting Zone 1, 2, 3 then they turn off Zone 2...Zones 1 and 3 also stop working because the Zone 10 OFF command was being sent. To work around this i created conditionals that say IF any other zone is ON when i am trying to turn OFF a zone...then don't send the Zone 10 OFF command so that the other zones remain on.

    This works perfectly with 2 (ON and OFF) buttons. See triple gang "Mist Zones ON & OFF" keypad under Mist Zones area in example program.

    How can i do this with 1 button (9 total, 1 toggle button for ON and OFF of each misting zone)?

    Example program information:

    In the example program i have an area called Mist Zones. There you will find a triple gang keypad "Mist Zones ON & OFF" and a double gang keypad "Testing 1 Button".

    The keypads in the triple gang control station handle ON and OFF buttons for each Mist Zones. The buttons on this keypad all work fine.

    The keypads in "Testing 1 Button" have no programming right now. This is where i want to attempt 1 button control of each Mist Zone.

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    What about If you try something like this I just threw this together real quick didn't much thought into it. I made a phantom keypad that had zones 1-9 on a single action button with zones 1-9 as "OFF" I monitor the led on that button. Set to "Scene" logic so when all 1-9 zones are off that led should light. I then used the logic to check if Zone 10 needs to be turned OFF.

    When programing each button you should only have a little bit of logic to type.

    Basically the press checks to see if the specific zone is On or Off Turning "ON" if Off and Turning "Off" if ON

    There is a delay of 2 seconds it, then checks the Phantom to see if all zones 1-9 are Off if they are it should turn Off Zone 10

    There is a lot of ways to do this I was just quickly thinking of something that didn't require a lot of logic

    See PDF here

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    I did exactly what you said...looks good so far. I am in Chicago, project is in Arizona so i had someone on site test for me. They only had a few minutes to test because some leaks were discovered in the system. I had them verify all misting zones (1-10) were off then i had them turn on 1/3/5 by pressing their buttons. Then i had them turn off 1 and check to make sure that 3 and 5 remained on. Then 3 off...rinse repeat. Everything tested okay. Once the leaks are dealt with i will have them turn on all 9 zones and work their way back turning 1 off at a time making sure the remaining zones stay on.

    The phantom keypad button was the key. I didn't know this was possible. Thanks for your help.

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    No Problem let me know if anything doesn't work properly. The only thing i thought about is with the delay of 2 seconds that means 10 will run with no other zones on for 2 seconds. Is that okay ? not sure if the pump is dead headed for those 2 seconds .

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