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Thread: Can dimmer remember favorite setting?

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    I know there is now a Diva version of the Caseta but it would be nice, for those of us who invested in the older model, not to have to replace our switches to get a feature which should have been there in the first place...

    Maybe Lutron thinks it is a good way to make money to force people to replace to have such a basic feature, maybe that's true but it is also a good way to lose customers...

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    I meant Caseta version of the Diva..

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    Is there really no response from Lutron on this? Do they have anybody who reads these boards?

    I searched and found this thread because I was sure that there was something I was overlooking when it came to returning to the last dim level. It's ridiculous that a $60 dimmer doesn't have this feature. On top of that, it's infuriating that the button pad is actually on the circuit board and fully functional.

    What's funny is that I've owned several of these for years and didn't know about the missing feature because I was either using the Pico mounted in an alternate location or had them setup with automations. It was only after I bought three more of them this month that I noticed because the the switches themselves are the primary on/off.

    This is absolutely a feature that could be added via a firmware upgrade and it would be nice to hear back from the company. I'll be dumping these products for a Thread based solution when one comes out and won't be buying Lutron again.

    I've resorted to a hack using HomeKit automation - when light is turned on, go to this dimmer setting.

    So sad that this product can't do what their old Maestro dimmers could...

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    Lutron Caseta does have a dimmer that does close to what you want. The PD-5NE-WH has a favorites button, just like the Picos, as a matter of fact, it looks just like a Pico. BTW, the Pico favorites button does not return to the last dim level, but to the level that has been programmed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davisadm View Post
    Lutron Caseta does have a dimmer that does close to what you want.
    First: Sorry for the following rant, davisadm. The frustration is directed at Lutron and myself (for assuming the dimmer had this feature), not you.

    I know it exists (as of earlier today), but it costs twice as much AND requires a neutral. I don’t need any of the other functions it provides, just the preset dimming level.

    And yes, you’re correct — the Pico only has the preset, but it’s still much better than manually adjusting to a dimmed level every. single. time. For the sake of this argument, let’s just refer to the feature I’m looking for as either going to the previous dim level or a preset dim level.

    Do you honestly believe that it’s worth DOUBLE the amount of money to get a feature that already exists inside the switches we own but was purposely left off? We aren’t talking double 20 dollars or double 30 dollars, but double $60. Yes, I also realize that the $120 dimmer also deals with more complicated setups and you can possibly justify the cost that way, but there are many, many, many people who just want the preset level button… A button that has pads for it on the circuit board inside our existing dimmers and is only missing the surface mount push button. This would also not be a technical feat to apply retroactively via a firmware update; it could easily be added as an option that could be enabled in the Lutron app.

    As someone else in this post mentioned, even 40 year old rotary manual push dimmers have this feature. Manual traditional switches have this feature. Leviton’s automated dimmer has this feature. Wemo dimmers have this feature. I actually can’t think of another dimmer that doesn’t have this feature.

    It looks like even Lutron knows people want this feature, since they included it on their new Diva Smart Dimmer ($70).

    If Lutron honestly believes that they can win the automation wars by charging $120 for a dimmer that does what other reputable manufacturers charge $50 for, they’re in for a rude awakening.

    Until last month I had a setup that included Wemo, Lutron, Leviton, and Eve. I decided to simplify by eliminating Wemo which is what spurred me to purchase the additional Lutron dimmers. If I had known about this before, I’d have ditched Lutron and gone with Leviton instead ($45 for the equivalent no-neutral dimmer).

    I’ll be trying out the Diva smart dimmer and if I like it, I’ll take the hit and sell these switches. Anyone want a good deal on two or three barely used dimmers? :)

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