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Thread: Can dimmer remember favorite setting?

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    Does Not Return to Last Brightness Setting? Unbelievable, will not recommend

    Lutron: Are you out of your minds?I've been buying/installing your switches in 4 different houses over the years. We just moved in and my first project was to get rid of the janky dimmers in the kitchen that were buzzing.I can't tell you how flabbergasted I am to learn that your go-to smart dimmer lacks one of the simplest physical functions a dimmer is expected to perform. I can't think of another dimmer on the market that lacks this. You must have paid off reviewers to post positive reviews to overlook this glaring omission. Not only that, the switch mechanism feels cheap and aren't touch friendly, you should not have to hunt around at a switch in the dark, then mash buttons again to get the right brightness. yes I can use voice control but not everyone in the house is comfortable with that, they hate these things because they can't feel what to do.Why on earth couldn't you just add smarts to your tried and true Diva design and called it a day? Why why why?I wasted a whole afternoon on this, very upset. I'm returning the lot, used, so you can eat the return with your retailer for all I care.On to the Decora, looks like your competitor didn't over think it.FYI: Seldom do I register with a company's support forum to express displeasure and move on...where this a simple purchase return, no big deal. Its the labor involved that makes me irate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by veeeh View Post
    Unfortunately, no, Caseta's dimmer does not have this feature. I think your options at this point are: always use PICOs instead of a dimmer (e.g. mount dimmer in a closet); upgrade to Radio RA2; or downgrade to regular Maestro dimmers.
    This is an ancient thread which makes it that much sadder that Lutron hasn't done anything about adding a last-used-level tap to this dimmer. If I was building a house I'd do just as suggested and mount the dimmers in banks in hidden spaces.As it is, I just resign myself to the fact that most of the good Caseta features are going to happen via Picos, either the 5-button with 1 preset, or lots of 4-buttons to create scenes.Now if the scene control ability would show up in the hub...

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    Lutron, are you seriously telling me that my 40 year old rotary dimmer switch can "remember" its dimness setting, but your modern smart dimmer switch can not?


    Please provide a firmware update to correct this ridiculous oversight. It has been without this basic feature for far too long.

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    What I find the most ridiculous is that their Maestro line (non wifi) of dimmers supports that: single click goes to last setting and double click goes to max (and but doesn't reset the last setting to max) ... very simple. It doesn't work quite like the "favorite" on the pico remote, it just remember the last dimming setting, but still miles ahead of what the dimmer offers today. Alternatively, if your favorite is really just the lowest setting you might want to use (which for me it is, kind of "nightlight mode"), just set the low-end trim to that point then you can just click on "dim up" from the off position; kind of crappy but beats being blinded in the middle of the night while going to the bathroom.

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