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Thread: LED bulb continues on even when lights are turned off.

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    Question LED bulb continues on even when lights are turned off.

    Client had a basic Inc./Halo RA2 dimmer and one day she replaced the incandescent bulb of the entry foyer (one bulb) with an LED bulb from Philips. When the dimmer is tapped to turn the light off, the bulb fades but doesn't turn off completely, which makes sense since there is a little bit of current passing through the circuit to keep the dimmer LEDs alive. Should I replace the dimmer with a RRD-6CL, RRD-10ND or RRD-6NA? Having the neutral connected in my opinion is what avoids passing current through the bulb when the lights are off, that's why I am asking. Thank you in advance!

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    Neutral wire dimmer most likely will solve the problem. Is the Philips bulb on "The List"?
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    Just one LED bulb? Check the specs for minimum wattage on whatever replacement dimmer you will choose. Dimmers with neutral have lower minimum wattage.

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