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Thread: Controlling RGB LED Tape Light

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    Controlling RGB LED Tape Light

    Is it possible to control the color change thru RR2 and can this be controlled thru the app?

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    Unfortunately we do not have a way to control RGB DMX lights through Radio Ra2, only Homeworks QS.

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    Could you use a Grafik Eye QS with QSE-CI-DMX and have that in a RR2 system? By reading info on the QSE-CI-DMX you could control 3-channels simultaneously on a zone and intensity on another zone. With a 6 zone GE you could control 3 DMX controllers with color changing and intensity.

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    This would not work because once the Grafikeye is activated into the Radio Ra2 system, it disables the QS link on the back of the Grafikeye. You could use a Grafikeye QS as a stand-alone and use the QSE-CI-DMX, but it would not respond to button presses from the Radio Ra2 system.

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