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My point is....Have you done it? Where is all of the sample code to read the Pico remote switch inputs? Do the Pico remotes pair with the hub and can the be read directly into Homeseer? Or, do they require pairing (through the hub) directly to the dimmer control? I have looked the repo code and the connection information to the Lutron hub looks vague as if it is sort of an idea but short on real usable code. I would expect code to read the pico and set the switches. I don't have the time to experiment with it especially since Zonoff has done it with a single piece of hardware. I do not have the time to reinvent the wheel.
When you install the SmartBridge you need to add all the Switch, Shade, Pico to the SmartBridge then you tell the app what your Pico control. After that the Homeseer connect by Telnet with the SmartBridge.

What I understand only the SmartBridge Pro have the telnet capability but not sure.