Hello Folks, I work with Architects and we always ask ourselves wether it is best to specify an LED fixture to be TRIAC ELV dimmable or simply 0-10V. We understand that TRIAC can be dimmed by an ELV dimmer, in our case the famous RRD-6NA-xx, but then when it comes to the 0-10V the only control method is either through the LMJ-5T-DV or the GRX-TVI.
At this point, 99.9% of the LED fixtures we encounter in our projects have never been listed in the lutron.com/led database. So we try to stay away from the RRD-6NA and chose the 0-10V method, which then requires an LMJ-5T and a Keypad or a Pico for control.
Overall, is there a thumb of rule for when you are given the option to choose between TRIAC and 0-10V dimmable drivers? Thank you in advance.