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Thread: Dimming a <25W LED?

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    Question Dimming a <25W LED?

    I'm looking to dim a single 17W LED fixture. The In-Wall dimmer spec states a 25W minimum, but then I'm also finding documents that say it doesn't apply.

    I can't find these fixtures on the compatibility list, so I was hoping I could get some advice on how I should go about dimming these specific lights or any other LED fixtures below 25W. Is it even possible with only one <25W load on the circuit?


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    The PD-10NXD Caseta Pro dimmer has a 10w minimum load, but it does need a connection to the neutral wires in the wall box. Depending on the LED load connected to it, it may be able to dim lower watt loads. You would have to check our approved bulb list: .

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