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Thread: WPM Module and PDUs

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    WPM Module and PDUs

    Ok so the question is if the Homeworks QS WPM will pump out 3 PDUs like a GrafikEye?

    It would make a great insurance policy for designs. i.e. pretend it does not have this capability, and then one day when you want to retrofit a keypad somewhere, you can just t-tap off the WPM with Pin 2 and get another keypad going! As long as you properly separate your power groups.

    Can this be confirmed?

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    The Wallbox Power Module (WPM) does have 3 PDUs of power like the Grafik Eye QS. The application you are describing would work.

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    Please be aware, when addressing the WPM wirelessly to a system, the QS link on the unit will be disabled and will not be able to power devices

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