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Thread: Issues with RFI in new install of LED lighting controlled with LUTRON dimmer

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    Issues with RFI in new install of LED lighting controlled with LUTRON dimmer

    Dear Sirs,

    After installation of our Nicor DLG56-10-120-2K-WH LED lights, we are experiencing issues with RFI noise on our DSL Internet, as well as AM/FM radio. We currently are using LUTRON AYCL-153P dimmer switches to control these LED lights.

    We have gone through all of the steps outlined in the LUTRON troubleshooting guide for narrowing-down the source of the interference. Changing electrical outlet for the DSL modem doesn't effect anything. Changing the dimmer switch out for a regular (non-dimming) one reduced the interference greatly. The interference is at its maximum when the dimmer is set to mid-range.

    I noticed that the documentation for the LED lights (provided by Nicor) recommends a LUTRON TGCL-153P dimmer for this light. What are the differences between the two LUTRON dimmers, and how do you recommend combating this RFI issue?

    Duane Kaufman

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    The TGCL (Toggler) and AYCL (Ariadni) are the exact same device. The naming has something to do with how they are distributed.

    Chasing down electrical noise can be a lengthy process. The first thing I would do is make sure you have a good ground system. Unless you have really good soil, you should have at least 2 ground rods.

    Next you need to find out what is generating the noise. You said it was still there but reduced when you took the dimmer out. It's not uncommon for dimmers to magnify the level of the noise. TVs, microwaves and refrigerators are notoriously noisy. You can try unplugging devices or turning off the breakers to isolate the device.

    Crossed neutrals can also cause/increase electrical noise. Just a few years ago it was common practice to tie all the neutrals in a box together, even if there were 2 different circuits.

    Once you find the cause, you can use RFI filters or replace the culprit.
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