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Thread: Recommended LEDs Currently Being Sold

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    Recommended LEDs Currently Being Sold

    The attached .pdf is a list of LEDs that can currently be found on the market. These LEDs we have found to be among the better performing LEDs we have recently tested with our 150W C.L dimmers. Please feel free to give any feedback you have regarding this document.
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    There are no GE LED lamps on this list. Can this be true, that GE LEDs are not compatible with Lutron CL dimmers?

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    Hello hschulsinger.

    This list is just for compatible bulbs that are readily available in the big box stores. We are compatible with a variety of GE LEDs. Please see the following LED tools for finding a GE bulb.

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    Are there any compatible G-9 bulbs?

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    Hello Benny,

    There are compatible G9 bulbs, you can find them on our LED Product Selection Tool found at Under the fixture/lamp category select G9.

    Hope this helps!

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    Are there any GU10 LEDs that are

    1) combatible (not in a strict sense - will talk a bit more about this below) with the witeless drimmer pro (PD-10NXD)?
    2) are actually available for us to purchase online?

    I did a ton of research to find a dimmer with the desirable functionality (PD-10NXD). There are 2 LEDs listed on the ledtool online but none of them is available to purchase online. I purchased some GU10 Philips LEDs online hoping they will work. They don’t work reliably. When I try to turn them on (either through the dimmer or the app), they will flash on and turn off. If I trynumerous times, then they will turn on. Whats more annoying is that it looks like if i have them on for some time, then they will work fine leading me to believe that something got fixed but then next day or a little later same problem comes back.

    It is hard for me to believe that there is a lutron dimmer out there and there is no GU10 bulb working with it. I would be happy even with 20-30% dim but would like the switch on to work reliably. Any GU10LEDs that are available for purchase and work?


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    Hello kp1717,
    Unfortunately, we do not have any GU10 LED bulb recommendations for the Caseta Wireelss PD-10NXD dimmer at this time. The only GU10 LED bulb we can recommend with a Caseta Wireless dimming control would be the ELV+Phase Selectable dimmer (Model number PD-5NE) and the Satco GU10 LED Model # S9383 (

    You could also reach directly out to an LED manufacturer to see if they have any recommendations as they typically perform their own compatibility testing as well.

    Hope this helps!


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