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Thread: Few issues with new project

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    Few issues with new project

    I completed new project and have few issues that I want to resolve. Project was done in RRA 9.2 and it controls lights, shades and thermostats.

    1. When I start phone or ipad application, very first thing that pops up is the message: Possible incorrect network settings have been detected on your Lutron system. Would you like the app to fix this problem automatically (No/Yes). Pretty much the only network setting I am aware of is the DHCP that was Disabled. Is there any way to see what is the mistake and what Lutron did to fix it? After hitting Yes, it works but curious what is happening.

    2. Integration settings was something I used before with RRA 6.2 and now I can connect phone and ipad but the application is not asking me for logins. For version RRA9.2 do I need to create separate logins to have few device simultaneously connected or that is not necessary any more?

    3. In one room I only have thermostat and keypad RRD-H6BRL with functions to set temperature for all thermostats in the house to 75, 70....40(off). When I transfer project and open phone/ipad app, besides keypad it shows Lights for that room despite the fact that I didn't program any. I went to Integration ID's and turn lights off so they are not a part of the mobile application but was wondering if I made mistake somewhere and why lights are showing for that room. Does it has something to do with the type of keypad?

    Thanks for any input.

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    4. On Keypad buttons, I can add special signs or icons next to the text, like the bulb turned on or off but that sign is not showing in mobile application on the keypad button. Any way to show that signs near text in the mobile application?

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    5. I have some issues with remote access. Do I need to set DHCP to enabled or disabled for remote access? I need to check if IP address is static or dynamic but modem/router has battery backup so it won't loose power and assign different IP address in a case of power failure. I noticed that was one of the concerns in app FAQ and the reason why DHCP should be set to Disabled.

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    4. I don't think you can see the icons on the Home+ app. However, a new app is about to come out that will look more like the Caseta apps with a myriad of icons. You will need to purchase the Connect bridge to make the new app work.
    5. Bare in mind DHCP has always an expiration date, so even if the router is not powered off the IP addresses are leased every 1, 2, 3 etc. days, depending on the router. Chances are the same IP address will be leased, but that's guess-work and risky to assume. I never used remote access using Lutron's server, so I don't know whether the IP address needs to be static, but I doubt it. Also, the Connect Bridge has been released and will allow you to access the system remotely using the new app, without the need to pay for an yearly subscription.

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    1. If the app detects any network settings that do not match what the app requires, it will change them when you click yes. It could change anything from a subnet mask, IP address or any other setting it needs. If you click no, are you still able to connect to the system?

    2. With the newer versions of Radio Ra2 software, it has the ability to preconfigure a telnet user name and password automatically. It is still a good practice to have a telnet username and password programmed into the software. This way if the app can not auto-discover the Main Repeater, you can add the system manually with those telnet credentials and still have full permissions in the app.

    3. Since you added a Hybrid Keypad in the room, the software is going to assume that there is a load connected to it and give you an assignable load in the software and allow you to control it through the Home Control+ app.

    4. Icons are not viewable in the Home Control+ app.

    5. We recommend having a static IP address (DHCP disabled) when using the Home Control+ app either locally or Remotely. This way when there is a power failure or the DHCP lease renews, the Main Repeater will maintain the same IP settings and the app won't need to rediscover the system.

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    I did not try to click No when error message appears.... Also, I noticed, when DHCP is set to enabled, I am not getting an network settings error message and I can connect remotely. When DHCP is disabled, I am getting an incorrect settings network error message and I cannot connect to system remotely, only via wifi.

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