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Thread: PD-6ANS : how to dim/disable green LED indicator on front of switch?

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    PD-6ANS : how to dim/disable green LED indicator on front of switch?

    Just installed PD-6ANS-WH in master bedroom controlling Hunter ceiling fan/light combo. Works great!
    Except that the little indicator on the left side of the switch is too bright, especially when we are trying to sleep (with PD-6ANS 'on' to turn on ceiling fan).

    Is there any way to dim or disable this green indicator LED on the switch itself?

    For now I've resorted to covering the LED with white electrical tape, which works decently, but doesn't look great. Please tell me there is a way to dim/disable the LED!


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    I don't think you really can disable or dim the LED in Caseta, it's native and also an indication that there is power. I even wonder if the LED is not there whether the device would continue to be UL listed...

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    Currently, there isn't a way to dim or disable the indicator LED on the switch. Interesting idea though. I'll forward your request to our engineers as a possible future feature to the system. Thank you for the idea.

    If it's too bright, you could try darkening it with a black Sharpee marker. Just be careful not to get any marker on the plastic of the switch, as that is a permanent marker.

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