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Thread: Palladiom square back box spec

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    Palladiom square back box spec

    Hey Lutron. Thanks for all the help over the years. Wait time on phone forced me over here so here's my problemo. I am currently roughing for a new QS job with Palladiom keypads. For all the US style locations standard back box and ganging will work. We have 6 locations i would like to use the 2 column square Palladiom keypads. In the instructions the back boxes for these are not clearly defined. The box shown on the instructions has an ear configuration that i have not seen before. Can you give me a spec? also in my Keypad wiring loops we are bound by the 10 Keypad per loop or Hrun. Is the square 2 column still counted as 1 Keypad in the wiring loop? Thanks for the help-Dim

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    The only requirement is that there are top and bottom mounting holes. Some square boxes only have two mounting holes, and they are typically installed left and right. If these boxes are rotated 90 degrees, they can be used in the top and bottom configuration.

    Further, we recommend that the box be mounted flush with the wall. Wallboxes that have a flange that protrude past the wall can create an undesirable gap between the adapter and the wall. The information in the install instructions is for visual only.

    The 2 column keypad still counts as 1 pdu on the QS link.

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